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43,000 Comments Ignored by Bush EPA

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The Coal Industry pretty much does what it wants in the poorest regions of Appalachia. Here, giant toxic sludge lakes loom over tiny communities. Here, mountain top removal has destroyed ancestral homelands and cemeteries. Here are the highest cancer rates in the United States.

Hobet 21, spanning across two WV counties, is larger than Manhattan Island

Nothing much gets in the way when the Coal Industry commits these crimes. Certainly not state or federal environmental agencies. However, over the past decade there has been one pesky thorn in the industry’s side: citizen lawsuits. But worry no more.

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Against the Wind: Why Opposition to Wind Turbines on the Allegheny Front Should not be Dimissed as a NIMBY… and other midnight reflections…

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I am working this summer for the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy (WVHC). At some point, visit their website My job is to set up informational tables at festivals to spread awareness of mountain top removal and the work WVHC has done and continues to do to stop it. Until recently, I’m reluctant to admit, I was ignorant of the monumental advances the WVHC has made to keep West Virginia wild and wonderful.

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Overcoming Mountain Top Removal

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There is a tragedy taking place in the hills of Appalachia. Mountain top removal coal mining has turned 500 thousand acres of rugged grandeur into barren moonscapes, buried over 1,000 miles of head-water streams, poisoned the air and water, and has deracinated thousands by eliminating jobs or simply making homeplaces uninhabitable. Unfortunately, mountain top removal is only a symptom of a much deeper and graver problem. For the people that remain in the coalfields, there is a constant and harrowing recognition of their precariousness. The choices seem clear enough: abet the coal industry in the destruction of the land or be financially destroyed. Continue reading


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West Virginia State Senator Jon Hunter recently introduced legislation to ban mountain top removal coal mining. “I introduced Senate Bill 588 because I fervently believe that God did not intend for us to destroy the mountains, the streams, the forests and His people in order to mine coal,” Sen. Hunter said. Continue reading

Subway and Sheep

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Not too long ago at a Subway Restaurant in Logan, WV, I was waited on by a pale and exhausted heavy-set lady who looked to be in her 20s. I asked her if she was okay and she replied that she was just tired because she hadn’t had a break yet. It was noon. She told me she came in at 6:30 and her help didn’t show up. When I entered, the store was empty so I asked her why she hadn’t taken a seat until someone came in. Continue reading

Edwards Campaign Over, Appalachians Still Have No Say

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 I supported John Edwards for President in ’08 as well as in ’04.  I am sadly disappointed in his withdrawal from this years election because I believe he was the best choice for President for the simple fact that he would have fought for the people that have no voice in this country.  His message of two Americas resonates true in my interpretation of the state of our nation.  Over this campaign I have felt that Edwards would do well here in West Virginia because we understand the message of two Americas.  We have lived in the lower part of the two Americas.  We have suffered in mass poverty.  We have struggled with poor educations.  We have toiled for low wages.  This is part of living in Appalachia.  We have always been part of America but mostly the lower America.  John Edwards was our Presidential candidate.  He would have fought for us as President.  But now, for what ever reason, we don’t get to support him.  I could go on about the biased  media or the ill informed electorate but that would simply be ranting and I would much rather this mean something more than simple blather.

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Purple Haze

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A bluish-hued haze enveloped the Kanawha Valley of West Virginia today.  I first noticed it about 30 miles South of Charleston at the bottom of a hill. The way it blurred my vision reminded me of smoke, yet I could not locate a fire.  Continue reading