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Massey Scabs Try to Shake Protesters From Dragline

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Fourteen MORE activists were arrested today in an act of civil disobedience to stop mountaintop removal “mining” in the Coal River Valley of West Virginia.

Four of the protesters attempted to scale a 20 story dragline and unfurl a banner. While high in the air, Massey Scabs (non-unionized mtr workers employed by Massey Energy) and Boone County Sheriff deputies attempted to rattle the tower. A fall from such heights would mean serious injury or death.

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Mike Roselle is a Threat to the Powers That (shouldn’t) Be

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Coal River Mountain is the only mountain left largely intact in South-Central West Virginia. It is the mountain in the background of the blog title and the subject of my post A Scenic Wonderland.  It is also under attack.

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Nick Joe Rahall

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The Water in Rawl, WV

The Water in Rawl, WV

“This is my tap water.  I’m unemployed and can’t afford to buy any water.  I’m worrying now every day daily that I’m going to die.  I’ve asked a lot of the people around if they would watch out for my kids, you know … if I do die.” – Kenneth Stroud, Rawl, WV

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King Coal is a Poor Liar

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Coal industry interests pillage and plunder boldly. And they justify their actions with arguments that are blatantly absurd.

Take, for example, the massive billboards Cat Walker has erected along Interstate Highways in West Virginia. Cat Walker is a major supplier of the mammoth machines operated on mountain top removal sites. On their billboards, in huge bold letters are the words: “Coal, clean carbon neutral.”

Really? Coal without carbon? Carbón (the spanish word for coal and carbon) sin carbón?

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Acid Mine Drainage: Little Understood, Majorly Lethal

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Most of the effects of strip-mining are conspicuous. One only has to venture away from an interstate or tourist trap in the coal fields to witness unimaginable destruction (try exit 74 on I77. Take a left at the exit, then another left).  But arguably the most detrimental aspect of strip-mining is more insidious–its lethalness not readily apparent. I am talking about acid mine drainage; and in this entry I will explain what it is, what causes it, and what effects it has on the environment and the health of its victims.

Acid mine drainage behind my house in Logan, WV

Acid mine drainage behind my house in Logan, WV. AMD is only manifest here because colorful iron deposits have precipitated.



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The Fight Against MTR, Round-up #2

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For the 300 or so families living in Prenter Hollow, WV, mountain top removal isn’t just destroying their viewsheds, wildnerness, and cemetaries. It is killing them. Continue reading

The Fight Against MTR, Round-Up

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Weeks after the election of Barack Obama,  many community activists fighting mountain top removal are becoming weary that hope may not be on way.

And for good reasons.

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