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Why the Government Should NOT Fund Tree Planting on MTR Sites

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According to the AP,  “The Obama administration is mulling a proposal for a new jobs program with the aim of planting trees on Appalachian mountaintops that have been scalped by mining companies in search of coal.” The money would go to a group called the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative. On the surface, this seems like a great way to reclaim mountaintop removal sites and at the same time bring jobs to the region.

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Is Obama duped by PR scheme?

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Soon to be President Obama continues to support the extraction and burning of “clean coal.”  It seems that Obama has ignored the overwhelming evidence that “clean coal” is non-existant; that it is only a public relations mantra launched to prevent an all-out effort toward the development of other energy sources. As it is, the coal barons receive billions in tax dollars each year, and they want to keep it that way.


This used to be a mountain stream.

 Perhaps Obama believes in clean coal because its proponents have greater access to his ears and coffers.

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Barack’s flip-flop leaves social justice organizations even more vulnerable

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Why did he do it? Why did Barack Obama suddenly decide to not challenge the granting of immunity to telecom industries that abetted the Bush administration’s domestic spying? Just a few months ago, Obama headquarters said this (my emphasis added): Continue reading

Obama Loves Coal

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After intense pressure from and thousands of environmentally conscience citizens, Barak Obama stepped down from his platform and publicly denounced the coal industry for frying the world with carbon dioxide. This was before his big surge. Continue reading