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Save Blair Mountain

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This letter was written to, but as yet unprinted by, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph.

Any West Virginian that knows their history will perk their ears when they hear talk of Blair Mountain. In 1921 conflict between a fledgling West Virginia coal union and coal company opposition came to a head when thousands of coal miners, many wearing red bandanas around their necks as a symbol of their beliefs and solidarity, marched to Blair Mountain in Logan County, rifles in hand, to fight for their rights. On the mountain they were met by paid company “thugs”, as they were called, private planes that served as bombers, police, and eventually federal troops and U.S. army bombers.

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Earl Ray Tomblin Wants to be Governor

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[I wrote this about two years ago, when I found out that Tomblin was boasting to mountaintop removal opponents that he was going to be the next governor.]

Earl Ray Tomblin is the President of West Virginia’s State Senate and he wants to be governor.  Tellingly, for 35 years he has  represented Logan County, arguably the most corrupt county in the nation.  Logan’s failing sunshine review grade and the latest vote buying scandal only scratch the surface. 

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Equal Treatment Under the Law ::wink wink::

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Seventeen people were arrested May the 23rd in a series of protests against coal industry abuses. In one of  three direct actions, two protestors paddled a raft into the middle of Massey’s Brushy Fork impoundment and draped a banner, which read “West Virginia Says No More Toxic Sludge,” across the coal black cesspool of sludge. Obviously the protestors were charged with trespassing, but you will never guess with what else they were cited. Read on.

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Acid Mine Drainage: Little Understood, Majorly Lethal

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Most of the effects of strip-mining are conspicuous. One only has to venture away from an interstate or tourist trap in the coal fields to witness unimaginable destruction (try exit 74 on I77. Take a left at the exit, then another left).  But arguably the most detrimental aspect of strip-mining is more insidious–its lethalness not readily apparent. I am talking about acid mine drainage; and in this entry I will explain what it is, what causes it, and what effects it has on the environment and the health of its victims.

Acid mine drainage behind my house in Logan, WV

Acid mine drainage behind my house in Logan, WV. AMD is only manifest here because colorful iron deposits have precipitated.



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