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$4 Dollar Gas: A Good Thing?

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I know watching the dollar meter on the gas pump go up faster than your eye can register can be a painful experience, but has written an article on 10 Things You Can Like About $4 Gas that may help alittle.  It’s a positive look on an issue that seems to be having such an adverse effect on many Americans.  It seems to me that the less we use fossil fuels for energy the better off we are going be now and in the future.  It really is a shame that we have to base our standard of living on something as arbitrary as money and that we have to wait for something to be cost effective to make changes that would help us and the people around us.  Let us know how the higher gas prices are affecting you and your take on the Gas Prices below in the comments.


LTE battle

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The primary battlefield for the war against MTR is currently the editorial sections of newspapers. With polls showing that an overwhelming amount of Americans AND West Virginians do not support mountain top removal, the Coal Industry has entered the arena of Public Relations with guns blasting. The following are four recent Letters to the Editor. The first is written by Roger Nicholson, a coal industry puppet. Next is a response to Nicholson by Julian Martin and then a counter response from Nicholson. Finally, I included a draft of a letter I just submitted. I feel that these four letters go a long way in revealing where the battle lines are in this debate.

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