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The Meaning of Anti-Coal in West Virginia

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The meaning of anti-coal in West Virginia is broad.  To be against coal doesn’t mean to be against the mining and use of coal. Thanks to the Coal Industry’s intensive PR campaign, to be against mountaintop removal, a relatively new mining process in which 1/4 to 2/3 of a mountain is blown away and its debris pushed into the surrounding stream-valleys, also means to be anti-coal.

But it doesn’t even stop there. According to the WV delegates who opposed the coal river wind resolution (over half of them), it is anti-coal to support the preservation of ONE mountain from destruction so that it can be used as a wind farm that will bring more jobs, safer jobs, and clean energy.

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Coal Cowards Take Name Off Dead Resolution

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As you may have read in my post “Strange Goings-on in the WV Statehouse,”  a resolution  in support of a windfarm atop Coal River Mountain was tabled (killed) by the speaker before its sponsors could even speak on its behalf.  Amazingly, things got even stranger yesterday when four delegates stood in session and requested that their names be removed from the dead and rotting resolution.  The four dishonorable misrepresentatives were Jeff Eldridge (Lincoln), Ralph Rodighiero (Logan), John Ellem (Wood), and Tom Louisos (Fayette).

What could possibly be the reason for all this quirky behavior over an innocuous resolution?

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Strange Goings-on in the WV State House

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Thanks to the hard work of Coal River activists, 46 members of the WV State House have signed on to sponsor a resolution supporting the Coal River Wind Project. The Coal Industry has been fighting this hard. And today, the battle took a turn toward the ridiculous. The following is a description of today’s events by Rory Mcllmoil:

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Mike Roselle is a Threat to the Powers That (shouldn’t) Be

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Coal River Mountain is the only mountain left largely intact in South-Central West Virginia. It is the mountain in the background of the blog title and the subject of my post A Scenic Wonderland.  It is also under attack.

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King Coal is a Poor Liar

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Coal industry interests pillage and plunder boldly. And they justify their actions with arguments that are blatantly absurd.

Take, for example, the massive billboards Cat Walker has erected along Interstate Highways in West Virginia. Cat Walker is a major supplier of the mammoth machines operated on mountain top removal sites. On their billboards, in huge bold letters are the words: “Coal, clean carbon neutral.”

Really? Coal without carbon? Carbón (the spanish word for coal and carbon) sin carbón?

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The Fight Against MTR, Round-up #2

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For the 300 or so families living in Prenter Hollow, WV, mountain top removal isn’t just destroying their viewsheds, wildnerness, and cemetaries. It is killing them. Continue reading