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The Fight Against MTR, Round-up #4

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Just last week, the bill H.R. 1310, which will effectively ban mountaintop removal/valley fill mining, was introduced to the House by Rep. Frank Pallone [NJ], Rep. John Yarmuth [KY] and Rep. Reichert [WA-R], with 116 co-sponsors.  

Jeff Biggers of the Huffington Post wrote a great piece about the new legislation:

At the end of this post  is a list of the co-sponsors. If your delegate is not on the list, PLEASE contact him or her using the Congressional switchboard: toll free, 800.828.0498.

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Appeals Court Reverses Ban on Mountain Top Removal

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In 2007, when Federal District Judge Robert Chambers ordered an injunction on valley fills because they violate the Clean Water Act, Dorsey Green, who lived next to one of the blocked fills, was ecstatic.

“I am so thankful for this ruling. I’ve been a coal miner my whole life and this valley fill would have destroyed my homeplace and everything I have worked for. This ruling will restore my sleep – and my retirement years.”

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