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Purple Haze 2: Die Harder…And Other Comments about Coal-fired Power Plants

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Back on January 26th, I published a post about a noxious blue haze that enveloped the Kanawha Valley. It was later determined that the miasma came from the John Amos coal fired power plant. Faced with public pressure, the meek WV Department of Environmental Protection issued a warning to John Amos. If there was one single person who thought this warning would be heeded by the utility giant (which literally gets away with murder), the recent return of the purple plume should expell his or her doubts. Continue reading


Purple Haze

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A bluish-hued haze enveloped the Kanawha Valley of West Virginia today.  I first noticed it about 30 miles South of Charleston at the bottom of a hill. The way it blurred my vision reminded me of smoke, yet I could not locate a fire.  Continue reading