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Don’t Let Them Tell You Strip-mining is Safer for the Workers

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Today, another strip-miner died when the excavator he was operating rolled into a pond.   Doubtless Patriot Coal is more concerned about losing the excavator.

This marks the 9th surface mine fatality of 2009 in the United States. There have been two deep mine deaths this year.

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The True Costs of Coal: A Very Brief Introduction

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The social harm caused by coal is enormous.

Of course there is the obvious horror of mountaintop removal. I once led a discussion with coalfield residents in which we brainstormed about 100 of its horrible effects, ranging from the disappearance of wildlife to the boulders that were crashing in nearby homes.

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Massey Comes to Power

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To celebrate the DVD reissue of the 1986 film The Mine War on Blackberry Creek, Appalshop is streaming the documentary in its entirety (28 minutes) on the web for free.  In 1984, Massey began a push to break the union along the West Virginia and Kentucky border. But union miners refused to give away their high wages, pensions, benefits, and independence without a struggle.  Compelled by the blood their ancestors spilled to give them their rights, and in solidarity with South Africans working in slave conditions in Massey mines across the globe, union miners struggled intensely for two and a half years against company goons, amoral scabs, and a state police force which might as well have been on king coal’s payroll.

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Blair Mountain Removed from National Historic Registry

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Thanks to the efforts of the mountaintop removal industry and the politicians who do their bidding, the site of the nation’s largest worker rebellion will be delisted from the National Historic Registry.

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WV State Police Donate $1,000 to Coal Industry

Posted in Save Appalachia with tags , , , on July 1, 2009 by ezlnwv

I’m not kidding.

And it isn’t the only government institution giving the Coal Industry tax dollars.

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First they laugh, Now they get ugly

Posted in Save Appalachia with tags , , , , on June 23, 2009 by ezlnwv

The same Massey workers that undermine good paying union jobs in the coalfields were out in full force today to subvert a rally to stop mountaintop removal and bring sustainable jobs to the Coal River Valley.  The protest was hosted by Coal River Mountain Watch and the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition and was attended by hundreds of social and environmental justice advocates from across the Appalachian region. Even a well known celebrity (Darly Hannah) and world renowned NASA scientist (Jim Hansen) came to bring attention to the massive devastation wreaked by Massey.

In an effort to silence dissent, Massey workers were dispatched in mass to heckle, insult, attack, or otherwise drown out the protesters.

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Massey Scabs Try to Shake Protesters From Dragline

Posted in Save Appalachia with tags , , , , , , on June 18, 2009 by ezlnwv

Fourteen MORE activists were arrested today in an act of civil disobedience to stop mountaintop removal “mining” in the Coal River Valley of West Virginia.

Four of the protesters attempted to scale a 20 story dragline and unfurl a banner. While high in the air, Massey Scabs (non-unionized mtr workers employed by Massey Energy) and Boone County Sheriff deputies attempted to rattle the tower. A fall from such heights would mean serious injury or death.

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