Boycott Wendy’s Until it Stops Sponsoring Mountaintop Removal

Update: Wendy’s has taken down the Friends of Coal stickers only to replace them with something worse: signs promoting the group Coal Mining Our Future and their campaign “Coal for Kids.” Coal Mining Our Future is a Kentucky based pro-mountaintop removal organization. They claim that “Coal for Kids” is an effort to raise money for local children. It is clear to impacted residents that “Coal for Kids” is propaganda that Wendy’s should not be promoting.

Please sign this petition pledging to boycott Wendy’s until it stops supporting mountaintop removal.

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After several discussions with Wendys International (614-764-3100), I learned today that they have no plans of removing the Friends of Coal Signs currently displayed in 35 Wendys Restaurants.

They said they realized they would be the subject of a national boycott but did not seem to care. Apparently they do not know that awareness about mountaintop removal is spreading, and that more and more people are ready to take a stand any way they can against this repulsive practice.

Though Wendys maintains that they cannot force the 35 restaurants to take down the signs, they refused to release a public statement saying they do not support mountaintop removal. In fact, I find it hard to believe that Wendys cannot control the images displayed in its stores. After all, the FOC stickers are right up there with the little picture of Wendy herself. If there was a big sign supporting something they found offensive (for example, a Ralph Nader campaign poster), I have no doubt they would hasten to take it down.

Please join the people suffering from mountaintop removal and boycott Wendys everywhere. I will call Wendys in two weeks to see if they are ready to negotiate.

The coal industry created the PR front group Friends of Coal primarily to change the meaning of pro-coal to pro-mountaintop removal. Though touted as a “grass-roots” campaign, FOC actually gets most of its funding from executives and major stockholders. Miners and their families are “strongly encouraged” to display FOC propaganda to give the PR group the image of a popular movement. Friends of Coal is not grass-roots. It is more like lespidesia-roots, the asian weed sprayed on barren mountaintop removal sites like astroturf; it might look like grass, but it is simpy a coal industry prop.

BTW, the AFL-CIO launched a boycott of Wendys/Arbys in December. Read about that here:


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