Flip-Flopping for Mountaintop Removal

When it comes to stopping Massey Energy from destroying Coal River Mountain, the last (largely) untouched ridge in South Central West Virginia, Governor Joe Manchin is adament that he does not get involved in the permitting process for mountaintop removal.

Manchin has made this known repeatedly. It does not matter that thousands have begged him to save Coal River Mountain. It does not matter that the mountain is ideal for an industrial wind farm that would bring permanent, high-paying, “clean” jobs. It does not matter that residents living beneath the mountain spent their own money to commision a study to show that a wind-farm would be ideal. It does not matter that blasting the mountain could rupture a nearby earthen dam that holds back 8 billion gallons of coal slurry. It just does not matter: Manchin does NOT get involved in the permitting process of mountaintop removal.

Until doing so would benefit the mountaintop removal industry…

On Tuesday a Federal Judge halted operations (after allowing a 60 day extension period) on a massive strip-mine in Clay County because the legal permitting process was not followed (the public was not given an opportunity to comment).

Yet rather than remaining “impartial,” our slimy Governor/coal industry lap dog grabbed some friendly tv reporters and headed over to the quarry (aka strip-mine) to lambaste the ruling and plead for its reversal.

Such hypocrisy was not lost on victims of mountaintop removal.

This is what one long-time activist had to say.

 They really do think that they are better than everyone else!!!!
I lived on 3 jobs when they trashed me and my family..
I didn’t see gov joe there doing anything for me.  Trying to take advantage of me and my family by asking me to “sign a waiver with the coal company releasing them from any future liability and he would have them come fix my place” this was in 04

When they have to make it on 400 a week they might get a good taste of what its like to have to live a normal life.
They are the type of people though that would starve out their kids before they would give up the V10 titon’s trucks and 2 4 wheelers.

Please visit www.coalriverwind.org and sign the petition to save Coal River Mountain.


One Response to “Flip-Flopping for Mountaintop Removal”

  1. If you are reading this then you are amoung the lowest life forms on the planet. I love to here you whine about coal river mountain. I hope the blast hole drills are working overtime……Boom

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