Pro-Coal Group Buys “Members” From Stock Photo Site

Faces of Coal is another corporate sponsored pro-mountaintop removal group that likes to call itself “grassroots.”  Hopefully they won’t go as far as other astroturfers and forge letters to Congress.   But beware…

Thanks to Jamie Goodman with Appalachian Voices for uncovering this.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E (note the first image that comes up)

Exhibit F


8 Responses to “Pro-Coal Group Buys “Members” From Stock Photo Site”

  1. That the best you can come up with, buying members from stock photos? You did get one thing right “beware” our groups are growing by the day…….50,ooo plus to attend Friends of America Rally….so far.

  2. The Friends of America Rally is just another example of astro-turfing.

    Most people I’ve talked to in Logan think the rally is about healthcare or jobs. Very few know it is to support mountaintop removal, a practice that is bad for health and jobs.

    What better way to show popular support then hold a Hank Jr. concert and not be up-front about its purpose?

    Plus, I wouldn’t be so sure that all those 50,000 people will show up… I hear tell that some people are ‘ordering’ tickets just to inflate the numbers.

  3. What part of friends of American jobs do you not understand? Yeah and I “hear” theirs no wildlife on mountaintop mining sites, but wait, JUST IN……Latest from the treesitters “I have a chipmunk friend and theirs a momma bear and her cubs ….so don’t believe everything you hear.

    • I don’t understand the part about union busters and outsourcers (Blankenship and his ilk) being friends of American jobs.

      The tree sit you mention is taking place on the edge of a site where there is a little bit of forest left. But I’m sure ol’ don will take that too. Then where will the bear go?

  4. I think we both know the union imploded in the 70s & 80s due to ,lack of a work ethic among it’s membership, lack of good leadership, and as you say union busting activities. Its just hard to fathom that, given the sheer number of coal companies that exisited then, that one company could destroy the U M W A. The tree sit I mention is (inside the BLAST zone. At some mine sites , signs everywhere…PLEASE DONT FEED THE BEARS. Barren moonscape with no wildlife?…….Bull.

    • All it takes is one company to get the ball rolling. Look at what Walmart did to labor in the grocery and retail sectors.
      I’m not saying Blankenship didn’t have friends in the industry and government urging him on, but it takes a particularly cruel person to cut people’s wages in half and take away their pensions. Especially if these people are already making you millions.

      The tree sit is inside the blast zone but not on Massey property. Because blasting would endanger the protesters, this event serves as another reminder that mountaintop removal quarrying has effects that go beyond property lines. Also, there is enough forest left in the area (hence the trees). I don’t guess you know too much about bear ecology, but bears cannot survive in lespidesia fields. They need rich forests or people’s trashcans.

  5. Urgent! ….. The Obama admin. Cap and Trade could cost American families 1,761.00 a year. This would be devistating for the fixed income elderly!

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