Earl Ray Tomblin Wants to be Governor

[I wrote this about two years ago, when I found out that Tomblin was boasting to mountaintop removal opponents that he was going to be the next governor.]

Earl Ray Tomblin is the President of West Virginia’s State Senate and he wants to be governor.  Tellingly, for 35 years he has  represented Logan County, arguably the most corrupt county in the nation.  Logan’s failing sunshine review grade and the latest vote buying scandal only scratch the surface. 

More damaging to the integrity of Logan is the vast power held by the mountaintop removal industry, which owns most of the county’s land and all of  its public officials: including Tomblin.  Just last year, Massey CEO Don Blankenship gave $300,000 in “philanthropy” to Logan in appreciation of  the politicians who do his bidding.  

As to be expected in an area where Massey Energy holds sway, Logan County is an environmental wasteland. Mountaintop removal has permanently destroyed a vast acreage of temperate rainforest. Acid mine drainage chokes every stream.

And where there is environmental degradation there is harm to people. Click here to see one example from Logan County.  Buffalo Creek would be another example. So would the disastrous floods just in the last decade.  Then there is the more subtle damage. When I lived in Logan County, I knew five children who had to have their gall bladders removed. Cancer rates are ridiculously high.

Also to be expected where a low-wage, non-union, industry predominates is extreme poverty and a drug culture. The poverty in Logan is almost reminiscent of  the “third world.”  The family that lived across from me had to use the oven of their electric range stove as a heater. And that was before they were evicted.  Scores have little choice but to steal in order to survive. Others enter the dangerous world of drug dealing, where they find a large consumer base begging to escape the reality mountaintop removal advocates have created.

Thus the need for large jails, like the one recently built on a mountaintop removal site which is now the “Earl Ray Tomblin Industrial Park.”  The only “industry” at the “park,” the jail is reached via the “Earl Ray Tomblin Road.”

Earl Ray is already a destructive force in West Virginia. If he becomes governor, which he has assured mountaintop removal opponents he will, it is doubtful that the “Mountain” state will ever recover.

As one coalfield resident remarked: “It is going from bad to worse.”


6 Responses to “Earl Ray Tomblin Wants to be Governor”

  1. That certainly explains why I’ve felt the desperate need to go and shower every time I’ve ever shaken hands w/ Earl Ray Tomblin. He gives me that same feeling you get when you walk through a spider’s web you didn’t see; like something nasty is crawling ALL over you.

    If there’s a silver lining to this coal black cloud, then it lies in the fact that we’re getting plenty of advance warning of Earl Ray’s Plan For Earl Ray, er, West Virginia. Simply put, we need to start YESTERDAY and find an anti-Earl we can support in the Democratic Primaries. Once again, I note that the primaries are FAR more important than the General Election.

  2. You are right. The primaries are way more important.

    Perhaps sane people in the northern/eastern part of the state can mobilize with sane people from the coalfields and find a candidate.

  3. To Bob K I think that ” nasty ” crawling all over you is the spider web you walked thru over at CRMW lol

  4. To ezlnwv Those same northern / eastern sane people helped bring Mr Bush to power. God bbless em.

    • They brought Bush to power because he would guarantee them the highest dividends.

      Less regulation means more penthouses.

      • Watcher, or should I raise the Massey dress that you hide under, and reveal your real personality to who you really are, Kevin Honaker. You lack the work ethics that today’s workers have, and you suck up to the worst criminal, enterprise. this world has ever witnessed. You probably will deny this. but it’s a fact, that you don’t give a damn about your own son, who works in an underground mine, directly beneath a massive MTR site. I have been told, that he has the same attitude that you have, trying to impress Massey officials, by taking deep cuts with a miner, beyond the law, Which I have reported, and is being investigated. You would shovel shit, if you thought that it would gain you points, as you commonly do. So don’t think for a moment, that I don’t know who you are and what you stand for. And oh BTW, I know you live in Fairdale

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