WV State Police Donate $1,000 to Coal Industry

I’m not kidding.

And it isn’t the only government institution giving the Coal Industry tax dollars.

The city of Beckley, Beckley Police Department, Raleigh County Sheriff, US Army Recruiting Batallion, Civil Air Patrol, town of Richwood, and the Department of Highways have all donated money to pay for the Friends of Coal Auto Fair.

Friends of Coal is a public relations campaign started by the coal industry to change the meaning of pro-coal to pro-mountaintop removal. Just recently, it payed for 300 strip miners to attend a hearing in Washington D.C. on the Applachia Restoration Act (S 696), which would ban mountaintop removal.

Every year, Friends of Coal holds an auto fair/country music concert with free or highly discounted admission. The stated purpose of the auto fair is to “shed light on the charitable work the coal industry does to make our area a better place to live, work and play.”  In other words, to spread propaganda to booster support for mountaintop removal.

Perhaps more alarming than government donations are those from the state’s “news” agencies. Three tv stations, two radio stations, and a newspaper have each given $5,000 dollars. Shouldn’t the media at least pretend to be neutral?

National chains like Little General, Marqee Cinemas, and Outback Steakhouse are also making generous donations.


4 Responses to “WV State Police Donate $1,000 to Coal Industry”

  1. watcher Says:

    EZLNWV…. One of West Virginias finest has also started a pro-coal group in Beckley, allready been in touch.

  2. Watcher, what do you mean?

  3. watcher Says:

    Just another pro-coal group formed in response to environmental extremisim. Unity, comming soon.

  4. The only extremism I see is the permanent destruction of 1.5 million acres of hardwood forest and 1,000 miles of headwater streams.

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