Are you listening, Mr. Obama?

On Tuesday morning, five residents of West Virginia’s Coal River Valley chained themselves to a bulldozer on a mountain top removal site. Later this afternoon, eight more residents were arrested while at the gate of the same site.

Coal River Mountain is the only mountain in the region not yet destroyed by mountain top removal. To stave off its destruction, residents have filed lawsuits, attended hearings, and collected petitions. 

Furthermore, residents have proposed to use the mountain as the site for an industrial windfarm. Studies have shown that the windfarm would provide more and better jobs for the area than a strip-mine.

Nevertheless, Massey Energy has begun clearcutting sections of the mountain and plans to begin blasting soon.

The civil disobedience was an act of desperation to stop a calamity. If Massey Energy is able to proceed with their destruction, the dream of a windfarm will die.

Are you listening, Mr. Obama?

Here is an article written by Dana Kuhnline, who was on site for both the morning and afternoon arrests.


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  1. […] reported in the post Are you Listening, Mr. Obama? concerned citizens have resorted to civil disobedience as a last resort to stop Massey’s […]

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