Barack’s flip-flop leaves social justice organizations even more vulnerable

Why did he do it? Why did Barack Obama suddenly decide to not challenge the granting of immunity to telecom industries that abetted the Bush administration’s domestic spying? Just a few months ago, Obama headquarters said this (my emphasis added): “Senator Obama unequivocally opposes giving retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies and has cosponsored Senator Dodd’s efforts to remove that provision from the FISA bill. Granting such immunity undermines the constitutional protections Americans trust the Congress to protect. Senator Obama supports a filibuster of this bill,
and strongly urges others to do the same…Senator Obama will not be among those voting to end the filibuster.”

But Alas! Senator Obama DID vote to end the filibuster. What could possibly account for the flip-flop?
Could it be that he sacrificed his word and principles to develop an image as a centrist who reaches across party lines and steers a center course? Or maybe he is simply a puppet on a string, controlled by the Democratic Party leaders, and changed his mind because he was “advised” to do so. Perhaps there were even some backroom “negotiations” between Obama’s campaign and the oily telecoms. Possibly, Obama sincerely decided that the fourth amendment is no longer relevant in these post 9-11 times. We are on yellow alert, you know.
One thing I do know for sure: Obama is taking his support from “the left” for granted. We wouldn’t dare vote for Nader, would we? Honestly, i’m undecided……

Maybe this will shed some light on the mystery: Telecom Amnesty Flip-Floppers Got More Telecom Dollars—

Though the rationale for such blatantly unconstituonal policies is security against terrorists, domestic spying has targeted and will continue to target social justice groups, and not merely those deemed by the government and media as “ecoterrorists,” the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front. (Of course, the aforementioned groups only damage physical infrastructure for generally honorable reasons. The real terrorists destroy infrastructure on a vastly larger and less discriminatory scale, without careful regard for human life. I am referring to the United States government.) Anywho, domestic spying has also targeted and will continue to target groups committed to meaningful reform within the law. It is a fact that Mountain Justice, a group who explicitly condemns property damage, is under surveillance and has been harassed by government agents, thugs, police, etc….

Enabling telecoms and the government to break the law with impunity encumbers the drive for progress. Those in power, including Obama, want things to change (or not change) on their own terms. Mountain top removal will end when they decide, under their conditions. Honestly, I don’t think Central Appalachia can wait. Justice is chomping at the bit.


One Response to “Barack’s flip-flop leaves social justice organizations even more vulnerable”

  1. Thomas Dumm Says:

    the problem began 30 years ago. if any source of cash can be successfully traced it will lead to the investors known as “working interest
    capital” and these have been protected by law. the ridges are being attacked to get the lumber, right of way for gas and the two go hand in hand…ergo corruption…all protected. who was buying right of way 30 years ago and ask yourself who benefitted.

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