Edwards Campaign Over, Appalachians Still Have No Say

 I supported John Edwards for President in ’08 as well as in ’04.  I am sadly disappointed in his withdrawal from this years election because I believe he was the best choice for President for the simple fact that he would have fought for the people that have no voice in this country.  His message of two Americas resonates true in my interpretation of the state of our nation.  Over this campaign I have felt that Edwards would do well here in West Virginia because we understand the message of two Americas.  We have lived in the lower part of the two Americas.  We have suffered in mass poverty.  We have struggled with poor educations.  We have toiled for low wages.  This is part of living in Appalachia.  We have always been part of America but mostly the lower America.  John Edwards was our Presidential candidate.  He would have fought for us as President.  But now, for what ever reason, we don’t get to support him.  I could go on about the biased  media or the ill informed electorate but that would simply be ranting and I would much rather this mean something more than simple blather.

Our electoral system in this country is broken.  Appalachia and many other parts of our country have almost no say in who will hold the most important position in the world.  The Mid-West and/or heartland was represented in the Iowa Caucuses.  New England was represented in New Hampshire.  The South was represented in South Carolina.  After Super Tuesday only Tennessee and Georgia will have voted with any population of Appalachians in their states.  By that point each party will most likely have decided the two people that we will get to vote for in November.  I don’t have a solution but I know it’s not fair.  I know its not fair that we live in this other America where our votes and opinions mean very little to the great scheme of things.Please let me know any ideas about how we can make One America where the Appalachian people and the other voiceless people of our country can be heard.  I believe it is possible and so does John Edwards.  BTW I wish Mr. Edwards the best and I will continue my support for whatever he chooses to do next.  Because the President of the United States certainly is not the only person that can affect change.


One Response to “Edwards Campaign Over, Appalachians Still Have No Say”

  1. This is truly a sad day for Appalachia and oppressed people the world over. The prospect of Edwards as President suspended my cyncism and hopelessness for the American system. Now the despair is back in full force. The media sensationalized the black man vs. white woman race and ignored the ideas of Edwards as if he was a Ralph Nader (and he was rapidly becoming one!).
    Today I mourn for the students under a mountain of debt before their life journey can began, for the workers who must forfeit their dignity for medicine and food, for those living in squalid poverty around the world, for the mountains, people, and wildlife of Appalachia.

    I too will continue to support Edwards no matter what he does.

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