Obama Loves Coal

After intense pressure from moveon.org and thousands of environmentally conscience citizens, Barak Obama stepped down from his platform and publicly denounced the coal industry for frying the world with carbon dioxide. This was before his big surge.  Now, Obama is once again flirting with King Coal. It is a smart political strategy, seeing how Big Coal has Big Money and did alot to get George Bush elected.  Obama has pledged to initiate “coal friendly” programs. This translates to no cap on carbon dioxide emissions, the continuation of mountain top removal mining, and more than likely more coal barons in the EPA, OSM, and DNR. If Obama gets the Democratic nomination, the wildlife, people, culture, ecosystems, streams, and vistas of Central Appalachia can count their days. Perhaps, the world can too.

Here is a great post from the grist.org about the topic:

WTF happened to a ‘new direction’?
Obama condemns mining reform package as too hard on the mining industry
Posted by David Roberts at 9:18 AM on 08 Nov 2007
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Barack Obama is ticking me off. First he opportunistically attacks Clinton for not being enthusiastic enough in her support for corn ethanol — which he knows perfectly well is an environmental dead end.
Then … this:
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said he does not support mining reform legislation that recently passed the House of Representatives and would work to find a compromise that is more friendly to the mining industry.

“The legislation that has been proposed places a significant burden on the mining industry and could have a significant impact on jobs (in rural Nevada) given the difficulties the industry is already facing in maintaining its operations,” Obama said during a conference call with Nevada reporters discussing his platform for rural Nevada.
For those who don’t know, the reform in question, sponsored by Nick Rahall (D-W.V.), would update the notorious Mining Law of 1872, which allows mining companies to pay little to no royalties to mine on public land.
Yeah, that’s the “significant burden on the mining industry” Obama’s lamenting — forcing them to pay royalties for use of public land like everyone else.
I get that candidates have to pander, but this is just egregious.

Here are some of the highlights in the comments. All posts are good but none focus on mountain top removal. Supporting coal does several bad things, but mountain top removal is its most egregious and brutal implication.

Apparently Barack Obama has decided that to win the Democratic party nomination, you have to appeal to the mining industry AND environmentalists. So he supports 80% by 2050 AND liquified coal. And Clinton’s the panderer???

Join the discussion on global warming, recycling, and organic beer at The Green Miles!
by TheGreenMiles at 9:41 AM on 08 Nov 2007

Time for a third party

This is what I’ve been telling people. This year is the time to vote Green Party. The only party that does not accept corporate donations. The only party with that recognizes global warming as the greatest threat to mankind. And the only party that has the most comprehensive plan for a sustainable farm-environmental-enery policy.
by GreenNPR at 10:06 AM on 08 Nov 2007

Meanwhile…on Wall Street
First Solar is breaking all records:
A TEN TIMES increase in revenue.
Business — without help from government — is spreading renewables around the globe.

My Log
by jabailo at 11:53 AM on 08 Nov 2007

Another zinger from Obama…

…this time he’s accusing Hillary of being too “sixties”, which is code for, well, stuff like, as that radical Tom Brokaw pointed out on Keith Olbermann’s show, the civil rights movement, not to mention things like, gee, the anti-Vietnam war movement, and…oh yeah, the birth of the environmental, feminist, gay, etc. movements. So I guess he’s going to try to go to the right of Hillary, which is not a new direction, it’s a right-wing direction.
by Jon Rynn at 7:51 PM on 08 Nov 2007

Obama and the mining industry.

Reading the comments about Obama’s stance on the proposed mining legislation made me wonder how many people have actually read the 1872 law and amendments AND understand the very real risks and uncertainties that characterize hard rock mining. As a committed environmentalist I support reforming the 1872 law but have to give Obama credit for taking what I interpret to be a reflective position rather than one that is “politically correct” from a green point of view but basically knee-jerk.
by Bob Ernst at 1:49 PM on 12 Nov 2007


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